Hello World!

Hello world!

It is an appropriate greeting for my first blog post, wouldn’t you agree? I am writing this post - made the website too - using the R blogdown package and Hugo Wowchemy theme. It’s been a confusing and long-ish journey of about six months (probably more), but here I am.

And it feels great. I had this (somewhat adamant) desire to make a website using R. I was told that there are easier ways to make a website and that R has a steep learning curve. I couldn’t convince myself to let go of the desire anyway. When I was struggling to complete some data analysis for a project, I spent many late nights randomly reading posts on why R is a useful language to learn for statistical analysis. That’s clearly made an impression on me. Though my lab doesn’t utilize R at all, I figure it is only a matter of time I will have the chance to use it.

Making this website has been a good start. I am curious to see where another six months plus of tinkering with different R packages will get me in terms of skill level. Hoping for the best!

Meenakshi Prabod Kumar
Meenakshi Prabod Kumar
PhD in Neuroscience

My research interests lie in studying the neural correlates of learning and memory.